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Located between Toulouse and Montauban, the Chateau Saint Louis is part of the AOC Fronton wine area.

The Chateau Saint Louis was bought in 1991 by Marie-Cécile and Ali Mahmoudi. Since then, the Chateau has been deeply transformed and its wines have been greatly rewarded every year...


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The vines grow on the Tarn (river) terraces.

The soil composition is typical from the Fronton region: sandy boulbene, gravely, clayey, and lightly acid. This location next to the Tarn River provides a �


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The Pinot Saint Georges, also called Négrette, is the varietal of every Fronton wine, and this is also the main varietal of the Chateau Saint Louis.

Our wines are made with a minimum of 70% of Négrette, some Cabernet Franc and a touch of Syrah (Shiraz).


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Be hosted day or night at this outstanding place surrounded by the vines....

The owner will welcome you with generosity and good humor on his 35 hectares property...