saint louis de la terre à la vigne

Domain Saint-louis team
Fondateur - Oenologue
Domain Saint-louis team
Production - Elevage
In the heart of a vineyard of 35 hectares, Ali MAHMOUDI likes to receive with generosity and joviality, in this magical place where reigns a different spirit, a Persian spirit. "The Spirit of Saint Louis" was born from their encounter. Between tradition and modernism, he has combined the magic of the terroir with passion to create unique wines that bring pleasure and emotion.
Marie-Cécile has a legal background and is responsible for the administration and management of the estate.

Trained as an accountant, Sylvie manages the production, maturing, packaging, as well as the material accounting and traceability of all the wines of Château Saint Louis and Domaine de Gravi�res de Rabany.

José does his best to ensure that the vineyard is like a pleasure garden and that the grapes are at the maximum of their taste and quality at harvest time. Its role is by far the most important in the production cycle that begins with the terroir.

Domain Saint-louis team
Co-manager - Administration
Domain Saint-louis team
Chef de culture